If you have enabled Apple's built-in application Firewall, please make sure Phone Amego has been added to the list of applications allowed to receive incoming network connections. Phone Amego is signed with an Apple Developer ID, so should be added automatically if this feature is enabled. If you wish to add Phone Amego manually, quit Phone Amego so the application is not running while you add it to the firewall exceptions list.

To verify your settings, navigate to "System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Advanced" to confirm your settings are as shown below.


Security Considerations

To work with IP phones, Phone Amego runs a simple web server which normally listens on port 8080 or 8081 as configured under the Caller ID tab. This server is used to receive event notifications from your phone and does not dial or access other services. In most cases you already have an external firewall protecting your LAN from the public Internet. What you are trying to do is allow IP phones on your LAN to communicate with Phone Amego. You can test this communication by opening the Phone Amego Debug Log under the More tab and scrolling to the bottom of the log to see any new text. When you pickup the handset on your IP phone, you should see this event reported similar to the listing below:

2012-05-01 13:40:09 [Call script off_hook (SoundPoint IP 320 Line1)]
2012-05-01 13:40:11 [Call script on_hook (SoundPoint IP 320 Line1)]