Event URLs for Web Applications

As Internet technology continues to proliferate, many shared database applications are being implemented as web or "cloud" based services accessed from a web browser. Phone Amego supports integration with these types of applications by letting you specify a URL to open for program events that may include call information.

Imagine your Client Records system is a web application for example. When a call comes in, you would like a way to open the corresponding web page for that client when you click on the Card icon in the popup call window. By specifying an Event URL in Phone Amego, you can link caller ID information from your phone to a URL on the web.


(1) Select the Phone Amego event you would like to have open a page in your web browser (Call To, Call Answer, Open Card, Option Open Card, Contacts, Email, Calendar).

(2) Use your web browser to search for a client page to create a template of the URL you want Phone Amego to open.

(3) Copy the URL bar in your browser into the Event URL field as shown.

(4) Replace the Caller ID name or telephone number used in the search with a variable named "{cidName}", "{cidNumber}", "{cidFormattedNumber}", or "{CIDNUMBER4}" (last 4-digits only).

When the URL event occurs, Phone Amego will substitute the actual caller ID name and number for the variables specified in step 4 (if any), and then launch your default browser to open the URL.

The same technique can be used to extend Phone Amego to work with other services such as Salesforce, or Google Apps in the Call window.

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[Event URLs requires Phone Amego 1.4c1 or later]

Configuring Event URLs

Each event URL is saved as a file in ~/Library/Application Support/Phone Amego/Event URLs/. If you are installing Phone Amego for a number of users, you can copy the corresponding files to each machine as needed, or make the Event URLs directory an alias to a folder inside your Dropbox so that Event URLs can be managed from a single location.


You can also click-to-dial from web applications that use the <tel://ddd>, <clicktocall://ddd>, or <touchtone://ddd> URL.

From Phone Amego, you can use
Generic Dial URLs to dial other services including RingCentral (RingOut) CallCentric, GrandStream IP phones, or Cisco Web Dialer.


There are a few ways Phone Amego can work with internet based CRMs or cloud services.
  1. You can select and dial any phone number that appears on your screen. With PopClip, you can select and click.
  2. Phone Amego responds to standart tel://phone-number URLs.
  3. Phone Amego supports Event URLs which allow you to translate from a telephone event to a URL or web search.
  4. Phone Amego works with AppleScript.