Q: Can I use Phone Amego with my IP Phone?
A: There are several ways you might accomplish this:

(1) Phone Amego has been tested with Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Aastra, and Snom IP phones for both dialing and caller ID. Phone Amego also works with Asterisk PBXs which support nearly any standard SIP phone.

For other IP phones, you may be able to dial using a Generic Dial URL.

(2) If your IP Phone or phone system can provide an analog telephone jack, Phone Amego can work with that through a USB Modem, call monitoring box, or OBi110 Service Bridge and VoIP Adaptor.

(3) If your phone is designed to work with a Bluetooth headset (Bluetooth HFP), Phone Amego can work with that directly. Enable the Bluetooth feature in your phone, and then add it to Phone Amego as if it was a Bluetooth cell phone. This has been found to work with the SPA525G and Gigaset SL400 for example.

(4) It is often possible to enhance Phone Amego to work with your telephone or service directly. This generally involves obtaining a similar phone to test with and a week or two of updating the software. If you are open to supporting this effort, please contact the developer directly.