Phone Amego allows you to define hot keys for: Copy Then Dial, Answer Call, End Call, Open Call Window, Open Contact Card, and Open Call Log under the More tab. Open Contact Card will open a card for the last dialed or answered call (if any). If none is found (since the program was launched), it will open the Call Log so you can choose one. Copy Then Dial allows you to dial selected text from applications that do not support Services (like Excell or Firefox).


Command+Option Modifier
• When dialing, send touch-tones instead of starting a new call.

Option Modifier
• When dialing, show number in Call Window to allow choosing a telephone device.
• Pressed with
Dial, add to favorites.
• Press with Phone Amego menu to display alternate commands (open SMS Log, Debug Log).

Control Modifier
• When you click on a rolodex card icon, bypass other methods to open a Phone Amego Contact Card directly.

• When dialing or accessing Google Voice (or an IP phone), pressing Control (with the Debug window open) will display the WebKit window Phone Amego uses to communicate with Google Voice allowing you to see the login process in case of difficulty.

• Pressing
Control Show in Finder from the Call Log will open the main Phone Amego window (helpful if the status bar icon is covered by another application). You can also click in any Finder window to reveal more of the status bar (since Finder has fewer menus).

Many buttons have tool tips describing additional features when pressed with Option, Command, or Control.

Dial with Phone Amego application service defaults to Shift-Command-2. You can enable this service in "System Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Services -> Text". After enabling this shortcut, you will need to relaunch applications and then load the Services menu by selecting Application->Services before the new shortcut is recognized.

You can press "Esc" (Cancel) or "Return" (OK) in many dialogs without leaving the keyboard.

Useful Techniques for Handling Calls

Taking Notes During a Call
Checking your Calls While You Were Out
Updating a Contact in your Address Book
Finding Related Contacts